Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"


damn this game was alot harder than i thought it would be. very cool concept!

I Don't Quite Understand Shanzerion923...

This game is great! The best part of this game is the addicting quality to it because you're basically traveling the world and you want see the rest of what the world has to offer. You see many locals like egypt and London and New York and it is so cute. The gameplay is not that hard to understand, so there is really no need for a tutorial. It is simply pick up and play(or "click" up and play considering the format). All you do is take your magic pencil and draw a line under the guy. Seriously, how hard is that? You simply draw the line through obstacles that you can see ahead as indicated by the green and red arrows to the right of the screen(green represents a safe passage).

Very nice.

Nice graphics and concept for a small game.


really liked the game, but would really really appreciate checkpoints, and probably you'd need lives to go along with them. also maybe a way of zooming out to see what was coming ahead of time.

My Feedback...

I hope it hasn't been said a million times, but I agree with the general consensus in that 1) It takes too long to replay the game 2) You should be able to have more than one go before it's game over 3) Check points would be wonderful.

However, that being said, I think this is a better game than most here on Newgrounsd. Other than what I mentioned, I have so love the game. I think the music was very nice and not annoying, the graphics are incredible and you have a very nice idea. :) I can't wait for a sequel!!