Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

neat game

nicely animated game, liked how there was obstacles ahead and you wouldn't know what they were until you got to that point -> good replay value, does touching the pinwheel always make you fly up higher than the pencil line doesn't matter really just that it makes it a little hard sometimes to get a fix on him and making the line again sometimes sticks a little , might be my mouse, other than that good game, and for your comment #2 how about maybe he could ride a bird for a limited time and have to avoid / collect things, then the bird disappears and you got to be ready to draw the line again.


Very pleasant game, especially well done job on the splendid interface.

Cool Game!

The graphics were sweet and I think this game could really be a hit amoungst not only children, but even some adults like me(who aren't afraid to be children). The game runs very well, but if I had to change anything about it, I'd work on the navigation a bit more.

1) In the tutorial screen, the button to close the screen and go back to the menu reads "SKIP" instead of "CLOSE". "SKIP" which usually means, skip tutorial and go straight to the game. But that's not what the button does.

2) After clicking on "START GAME", the game should... well, start! It got tiring after a while to click on "START" and then to wait for the animation and then click on "PLAY" to finally start playing. I think just using the one button on the main menu is enough.

3) After you win, or lose... there should be a restart button. That saves time! Why go submit score, then back to the menu, then start game, then play... phew... too long!!!

Besides that, the game was enjoyable and got a addicted and I would have kept playing instead of writing this if it was easier to simply restart my game! :)

Keep up the good work!


@ knighthawk17 -

Glad you said that, it gets so tiring reading pointless reviews! And they do nothing for anything. Good job newgrounds citizen!!!

having a restart option sooner would be nice

if i'm not happy about my score, i don't want to have go all the way back to the beginning to play the game again. that's my only gripe.

i don't mind the losing animation but having to wait for the trees to pop up, and the delay on the play button, having to see the scoreboard every time. it gets to you.

pretty fun

that was pretty fun, a good time waster haha
although mine buged and i died >.< he didnt go up as high as usual and went into a birdy