Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

Hot graphics!

Awesomeness! I love all your submissions dude! The graphics are cool, the music is well suited to the game, the concept is very original, some kind of "LineRider" pushed to the next level.

Looking forward for your next submissions!

Great game

The game is great. very simple concept to get and a lot of fun. But it just took waaay too long to start an actual game. All it's really missing is a "retry" button. great job though, otherwise.

Really Nice

I liked it , it was pretty fun to play . Most of all I really enjoyed the music I think that's what made me wanna play it so much . It would be nice if you had a couple of chances to hit stuff before you fell but all in all it was very good . Bravo .

its alright

pretty fun game for a while but it wore off after a few minutes.. I suggest making random rounds where there are more pencil colours for example a red pencil colour can be like a trampoline that saves him from falling off.. also, i think checkpoints with an option to save progress would be nice instead of starting off from the beginning..

hmm instead of giving them that score why wont you say what kind of improvements are needed so he/she can fix it and make it better. dont post useless stuff like that it helps no one

I like it

This is a great game theres one thing i would like putting in the sequal. Its nothing big but if you can flick him in the air would be good