Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"


Improvement = Time between the time you fall and the time you start. which is the scores....other then that awesome.

Its not my kind of game.

The Game should be on another site, but the game was made well. Other than that, its fine.


The animation was original and great. The gameplay was simple and a little childish, but the concept was rather enjoyable. It just shows that even Newgrounds can accept games of all shapes, sizes and even ages. Not every single one has to involve complete insanity and violence focused for the massive, hormonally challenged teenage crowd.

I might not like to see a sequel, but i would still love to see something else in the future!


Alot of fun, simple gameplay but you can constantly improve on your score.

uhh.. wow

personally i thought it was PRETTY FRIGGIN WEIRD! that being said, most good games are weird in some way, shape or form. it was good. but that damndable bird.... really, i don't have any suggestions for sequels or how you could improve it. good job.