Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

Nice game but ...

only one life?

The concept is nice and the graphics are very good, but I don't want to keep restarting every time I die.

good look bad game

boring. the interface and art where all good. the gam itself was not. Ummm make a better more creative game next time.

You lose too quickly.

The game moves too fast, that's the number one problem.

Second, obstacles appear faster than what you can think of how to avoid them, plus they change unexpectedly (like the pyramid losing its middle... it happens too late for me to anticipate a move afterward).

Eh, and the point of the game is to get a high score - which, unfortunately, you can't even submit. So the whole point of the game is lost.


Fantastic art! Cool concept. I mean, I know there are games like this on the DS, but this is the best one of its type I've played online.

Like others said, it kinda kills you a lot and could really stand to be slowed down a little, or else have a wider screen so we can see what we're doing and have room to draw lines.

You need a "Replay" or"Try again" button at the end for people who don't care about submitting their score and just want to start over without going through the whole front end over and over -- especially since it's a game that makes you start over a lot.

The music gets old pretty quickly. Seems like a really short loop.

The pencil is slow and draggy, which is really a disadvantage in a game like this. And what's with running out of line juice? That ain't cool.

But I am going to check out some of your other stuff based on this.

takes too long to retry

I don't even want to submit my score and you make me...
Like everyones been saying, nobody wants to watch your mediocre animations over and over with the inability to skip, that ruined the game for me.