Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

Really good game

One problem though, there should be a button that lets you play again without having to submit your score and then press start game and then play, whenever you die. Because of this I only played twice,otherwise I would have played for hours


random and addicting

Pretty good

And certainly worth a front page nod. But for the sequel I'd suggest adding a badge system of some sort. You see a lot of 'achievement' messages, but then no notice after you lose of what you achieved? This type of game is lots of fun, but they seem to lack replayability.

Art is awesome, music is awesome, gameplay is smooth as silk, game reacts just as you would expect it to. Just add something to the next one that makes me want to keep playing it till my eyes bleed.

its alright

i don't get why people say this should be on another site....ITS A FUCKING FLASH GAME..."EVERYTHING, BY EVERYONE" right? thats the NG motto.
also yeah the instant gameover sucks, and the double play screens. it needs more than just obstacles too, like enemies...i dunno how though,BUT YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Nice game

No penises and requires a bit of patience.Good overall design as well.Seems like a pro submission.

My only gripe is that it takes way too long to retry a level.You should have a button as soon as you die to retry instead of going through all the other stuff.