Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

Very nice.

Nice graphics and concept for a small game.


The loading screen was hellaciously long but pretty fun game;)


good idea! good playbility! nice graphics....


the sounds are very irritable. use headphones and verify ;)
1 life? ok! but put a skip button for the cutscenes to improve more dynamism

excuse my horrible english ;)


I kept dying, I couldn't quite understand how the gameplay worked(and yes I did click on the "how to play button"). Multiple lives would be nice, as seeing the poor umbrella man fal to his hear and cry gets a bit redundant especially when you live less than 30 seconds.
However, I would like to compliment the presentation of the game. The bright,colorful graphics were very cute, and the music matched perfectly. The style reminded me of Paper Mario for several reasons: 1.) Sappy, cheery music. 2.)Rainbows(and other weird stuff). 3.) The cutout style of animation and bright colors.

Pretty good.

pretty good game, but it has a major flaw: Long time it takes to play again after loose. It is quite demotivating =P But beside this this game is really good, graphics are nice, sound is just perfect for this kind of game, idea is pretty original and a gamplay is good. Not something i would play for hours but good time-killer.