Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

first of all

a restart button and a submit button insted of only a submit, maybe you could make R the restart at any point of the game
secondly umbrella man looks pretty trashed only when you playing, i guess thats the only way to ride yellow lines with an umbrella.... is this intentional or is he mentally challenged??
a pause button too, and power ups that you can pick up a use when you want by pressing the space bar power ups like the wind thing, a 4 second invincibility, and a power up that makes you float around for a little with the mouse, just suggestions

sweet game other than those damn birds And no nude umbrella man mode


damn this game was alot harder than i thought it would be. very cool concept!

I would like to see...

In game collectibles, it adds to the replay value.
For instance each time you finish a stage, your points get tally'd up. There could be a store in the game where you could purchase things like
New main characters, New Clothes, Diffrent Umbrellas, Diffrent Stages, and Diffrent colored pencil (the last being the chapest)

Also a coulpe more stages, think cruisn the world (meaning you can select them)

WHy not a boss stage? Where a giant (whatever) chases you, the screen pans faster and you have to draw the correct lines to save the little fellow from being destroyed by the persuing boss. :)

I really liked this!

Hey, don't listen to all those people giving you 3's! This was an interesting concept, the game was simple, but addictive! And the music trips me out! But man, you have GOT to add a 'replay' button! Please? Other than that, keep up the good work.

Very nice.

Nice graphics and concept for a small game.