Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

Not bad, not bad!

First off- there are some overly-stimulated no doubt over-fed peckers writing unnecessary bile about your game.
I found it to be worthy of the Wii console. Not sure as a full game- probably, if you can make it in that way. But definitley as a mini-game.

I agree with one fella on here, once you die it's demotivating to restart. It's quite hard- quite soon (but hey).
The replay button, yes yes yes. Get that one, man.

As for the angry lad who had complaints about the presentation/order of the words for the title- I used to be as aggressie as that- occasionally still am but you'd take lessons in pointing your anger at politics and world banking than at burning someone trying to make a little piece of fun.

Overall. The game has to give satisfaction, in varying degrees. With my unsolicited advice- 'as your attorney' I'd advise you to have a research into that!
It has satisfaction already but yeah- do as you would normally and see what the mode and medium is and work out what's coming up a shit the most!



the reason for 8/10 is The time it takes to get into the level from the menu, or from right after you've died, is far too long.


Idk what everyone is complaining about theres much more juvenile stuf then this on Ng and this was creative and enjoyable I think it has a home here. Still the instant death thing is a bit tough.

having a restart option sooner would be nice

if i'm not happy about my score, i don't want to have go all the way back to the beginning to play the game again. that's my only gripe.

i don't mind the losing animation but having to wait for the trees to pop up, and the delay on the play button, having to see the scoreboard every time. it gets to you.

pretty fun

that was pretty fun, a good time waster haha
although mine buged and i died >.< he didnt go up as high as usual and went into a birdy