Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"


well first of all wat you could get rid of is when you die you could have a restart button (if there's one there sorry i must have missed it) but its awful annoying when all you can do is submit or go to a different site which we dont want to do...

secondly you could make it so that there's like levels in it...not just the whole game in one thingymabob..and lives too...lives would be handy..real good idea...can be touched up in alotta places...

trying to be as helpful as i can here...i dunnno if its any worth but anyway..just saying from my point of view...ok overall 4/5 6/10


i liked it but playing on a laptop makes it hard to keep up with the speed
other than that really fun

to below

your an idiot..

great game...i think more ink would be better..or a mode for unlimited ink..

nice sound...nice graphics..goes good with the game style..

Very nice.

Nice graphics and concept for a small game.

Good, but too long.

I loved the drawings and animation, they were flawless. The music was perfect and the gameplay was fun. The idea of drawing a path and following has been done, many times, in fact, but it was still good. The only reason I'm not playing it now is the length of the movies. It's just too long to wait, it gets quite annoying, especially when paired with the lack of a replay button. I'd fix that nex time, but otherwise fantastic game.