Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

neat game

nicely animated game, liked how there was obstacles ahead and you wouldn't know what they were until you got to that point -> good replay value, does touching the pinwheel always make you fly up higher than the pencil line doesn't matter really just that it makes it a little hard sometimes to get a fix on him and making the line again sometimes sticks a little , might be my mouse, other than that good game, and for your comment #2 how about maybe he could ride a bird for a limited time and have to avoid / collect things, then the bird disappears and you got to be ready to draw the line again.

Really Nice

I liked it , it was pretty fun to play . Most of all I really enjoyed the music I think that's what made me wanna play it so much . It would be nice if you had a couple of chances to hit stuff before you fell but all in all it was very good . Bravo .


great game needs improvements lives,checkpoints,restart button,lives,also did i mention lives

nice nice!

Very amazing, i love the general idea of the story, but i think it should be like if u hit 3 objects you lose or a way you dont autmatically fall when u hit something. Really really creative. 10/10


really liked the game, but would really really appreciate checkpoints, and probably you'd need lives to go along with them. also maybe a way of zooming out to see what was coming ahead of time.