Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

Good game.

Overall a good game. Need a bit more control to the man while he is falling.


Very pleasant game, especially well done job on the splendid interface.

Great game.

1. a) A better explanation of /what I do/ in this game in "How do I play"
b) A shortcut from the game over screen that came take me immediately back into the game instead of going to the high score screen and main menu each time
c) Make the arrows for obstacles bigger and more obvious; the player is looking at umbrella man, and not necessarily at the opposite end of the screen with tiny arrows
d) Less screens to jump into the game initially. Unless there are multiple games to select, the game should start once I pick "Start Game"

2. More ways to control Umbrella man would be nice.

Otherwise, I like this game. It's great! Simple graphics, pleasent atmosphere, and very positive.


I really enjoyed this game, i wasnt too good at it but i loved the music and how simple it was once i got the hang of it!


Fun game, but it got boring fast you need lives/checkpoints. upgrades would be cool, more power-ups ect....