Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

Good Kiddie Game

Actually was pretty neat for a kiddie game.

1) N/A
2) More blood? lol. It was cool though. =P

Annoying but ok

fun for a wee kiddies game but not newgrounds material if you get what i mean, not really a place based on happiness. I,m not rating it from enjoyment but I,m rating it from qaulity, won't recommend it but great concept and animation.

its alright

i don't get why people say this should be on another site....ITS A FUCKING FLASH GAME..."EVERYTHING, BY EVERYONE" right? thats the NG motto.
also yeah the instant gameover sucks, and the double play screens. it needs more than just obstacles too, like enemies...i dunno how though,BUT YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Its not my kind of game.

The Game should be on another site, but the game was made well. Other than that, its fine.

Trudge... Mank...

It's a fun game. I'm always trying to get to the next location.

But... I hate having to press play twice, especially with the 'house popup' sequence. It just slows the game down... A lot. And the achievements... While it's cool having them... What's the point? Unlockables, or maybe other features should tie to something like that.

Otherwise, this game is great.