Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

So-well done!

Is good and well created.....
the animation is fine and the game is hard....
nice music and the music effects are perfect....
but for my opinion:
it is also to slow te retry the game......
with time for me gets a little bit boring.....
but nice and well done!

having a restart option sooner would be nice

if i'm not happy about my score, i don't want to have go all the way back to the beginning to play the game again. that's my only gripe.

i don't mind the losing animation but having to wait for the trees to pop up, and the delay on the play button, having to see the scoreboard every time. it gets to you.


The animation was original and great. The gameplay was simple and a little childish, but the concept was rather enjoyable. It just shows that even Newgrounds can accept games of all shapes, sizes and even ages. Not every single one has to involve complete insanity and violence focused for the massive, hormonally challenged teenage crowd.

I might not like to see a sequel, but i would still love to see something else in the future!

Nice game

No penises and requires a bit of patience.Good overall design as well.Seems like a pro submission.

My only gripe is that it takes way too long to retry a level.You should have a button as soon as you die to retry instead of going through all the other stuff.


Idk what everyone is complaining about theres much more juvenile stuf then this on Ng and this was creative and enjoyable I think it has a home here. Still the instant death thing is a bit tough.