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Reviews for "giant monsters attack"

Liked it alot

Simple and easy to play. Add a special weapon, like a nuke or something. Like where you gotta kill a bunch of monsters to charge it up.

A good game

This game was awesome. It had a good start, a little hard for beginners, but it sinks in later. It also had upgrades that is awarded for your effort and it gets challenging like a real game should be, you are only aiming for the high score is always a great concept of a game.

Pretty cool!

The control setup is a good idea for this game, but (mouse-wise) feels a liitle sluggish (maybe it takes getting use to?). Great game!

it was good but...

things went too fast for me and i got killed off way to fast.... i suggest the first few missions should be a little easier and slower to get the hang of it next time

Pretty good.

I kinda like the design! Umm only thing: try to make the health signs look like plus's instead of T's. Pretty simple game.