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Reviews for "War Machines"

good but

well got boring after a little bitmaybe if a sequal is planned make a upgrade system for the bot not just like the resistence like add new parts kinda upgrades

A little unbalanced

Fun game but the beginning is MUCH harder than the end. After about midpoint I stopped losing all together, but at the very begining I lost around 6 times per win. Winning is as easy as buying the biggest energy charger and the largest pushers. Once you have that its all wins from there. Also if the enemy uses the ability that stops you from being able to change types the next round you can cancel it by using transformation.

Good but problems

Its a good game but, the cpu's are extremly hard!so if you make a sequal please make it easier!

not bad

lol funny game!!!!!!!!!!


Well the concept it's pretty original, but sadly at the same time it's a not-so-bad concept, since it's based on luck rather than skill I didn't liked it very much.