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Reviews for "War Machines"


Graphics were very nice. Gameplay was challenging, but not too much, and I enjoyed it, so... great game!

Great concept

This takes a very simple game and takes into a new twist. Although at first the time to pick an upgrade is frustrating, after playing the game for a little, you can keep up with the game. (but speed is everything when you play rock paper scissors ) I didn't know there was 3 pages for each outcomes, but after I found out.. I was unstoppable. Tips for all those finding the game hard. Just be ready to select an upgrade during each battle... remember which one you have for each mode... it helps. Buy the largest energy recharger as soon as possible Don't worry about counter damage.. since the first enemies don't do direct damage. Just get the resist push and push increase upgrades. And get the Transform upgrade as soon as possible as well. Oh.. get the highest repair upgrade for the main phase after you get the energy upgrade. If you lose.. just sell some of the old upgrades and try once again.

A fine Game

Great gameplay mechanics and awesome machines!
Good jod.

3 points...

First of all...Solelunarwing, shut up. Please, if you are going to hate a game and post about it, send some constructive criticism along with your post. Saying something is pointless is not constructive at all.

Secondly...Average rock paper sisscors with a unique twist, I give it a 7/10

Lastly...+2 stars for upgradeable stuffs and the machine twist itself. Possible upgrades for a future version (if one ever comes out) include removing a partial amount of the luck factor, as it is sometimes soully based on luck. OK, now I'm finished.

Draco out.


its a bit slow starting up, but good over all mm.. o yeah! my game character keeps on disappearing after i go into "ultimate warmachine" mode.. why?

wilsonbb responds:

Hi, which character you were playing?