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Reviews for "Vampiric Wit"

Ahahaha, great!!!!

Really great! Your movie was very original and funny. After it ended I was laughing for good ten minutes!

About the art - next time I advice to research some anatomy and basic human build on internet, or just look at people or yourself in the mirror and draw. I know it's hard to animate and draw in flash, but try to give it a bit more work. Also try removing outlines at bits where body parts merge together, on the neck, head, arms, hands and stuff like that.

Otherwise, really great! You deserve a 5!

Very funny, I didn't see that one coming!

The drawings weren't good, though you really got me surprised.

You're right

that is a stupid rule but it works okay now for your breakdown

animation 7/10 its pretty fluid
voicework 9/10 its good but not the best
originality 10/10 Its really original

there you go I tried to be fair.


that was great i loved it =D i would have never thought of that xD


That was awesome man. The graphics weren't so good, but the punchline had me in stitches!