Reviews for "Bowser's Kingdom: Movie"


but does this mean there won't be another bowser's kingdom? pls answer


Great and Awesome Job guys! You never disapoint me! Heres the summery!

Humor: 13, Yup Humor went through the roof! I can't stop laughing!
Graphics: 8, Better then the other episodes! What with the super powered moments.
Storyline: 9, Pretty good! Still better then the other episodes!
Violence: 9, The Karate Duo Kicked serious but, but I kinda wanted see Hal and Jeff getting Masacured.
Drama: 7, Perty good. Some parts were Dramatic but no a whole lot.
Total: 9

Cant wait for more of your work!


Thats hilarious! LMAO


I really enjoyed this movie, even the easter egg. I can't wait for another episode for the series. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

To imbelish on what MattJA said....

You're not ending the series, are you? PLEASE DON'T. Those two must get revenge on that retarded plant!!!