Reviews for "Bowser's Kingdom: Movie"


tbh , that toad must have had sexual behaviour with luigi that night b4 . Luigi gay?No Way!!!!Jeff.... ( who was playing as luigi ) i think he is more wierd than ever , and that toad is an idiot for not realizing they are not mario and luigi . Toad is more distracted on Jeff ... and the suit ... Im Pre-ee--etty sure that toad is 100% Gay

Lucky Candy!

how can we beat those guys?
lucky candy!!!

"The two transforms into Ryu"

I really think that Toad is saying that Jeff was gay!


Lucky Candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is a movie... a Flash movie! You guys put a lot...

of effort into it, the duration is high for a animation, and the humor was the same as before, just, (SPOILERS) who thinked that Steve was going to be so Inteligent, he drinked some Energy Drink or what? :P

this is very good.

This is SO freakin funny and awesome. I like Jeff, Big Boo, and that one recurring joke with Lakitu bringing out the little Geno doll. Keep up the good work dudes.