Reviews for "Bowser's Kingdom: Movie"

This almost desirves a 10 out of 10! loved this movie! And little Dragon Ball Z style in it, during the fighting scenes! Oh, and during the Guest Starring and Starring Openings, where the Inaudible Whomp and Jasper The Kamek, along with Bowser in there, in the Guest Starring? But, my favorite Bowser's Kingdom Episode, with Episode 8 in second favorite, and Episode 666 in third favorite for me.

I love the series but it would be kinda better if the series had less cussing u know.Kids are watching this.Anyway an overall cool flash ^^

an amazing way to start the middle of the series! i loved the part where hal & jeff tricked princess peach into thinking that they were mario & luigi! overall, a great way to continue the series! tota score: perfect!


A hysterical ending to an interesting series!


I remember watching the first episode of the Bowser's Kingdom series. I couldn't help but laugh at the silly jokes that they made, from episode 1 to here. Who'd know that two ordinary authors can turn a simple concept into a comedic sprite series? The misadventures of an underpaid lackey Koopa, alongside with a homosexual in disguise Goomba is something that I will miss. Oh, and let's not forget Steve the content, yet somewhat mentally ill piranha plant, as well as the badass Lucky Candy obsessed Karate Duo.


Not only is it a nice extension to the series, but it can be based on a realistic situation, with the exception of the unrealistic content in the Mario series itself. There's a lot of movies where I can see nearly the exact same thing happening, such as The Other Guys. I also rather enjoyed the emotion put into the characters. Hal and Jeff clearly demonstrate how they feel about doing the job, about Peach, about Steve, and about how they're gonna pull through no matter the situation... until they decide that Bowser's an asshole and quit. 16-bit comedy at its finest, no?


I find some of the voice acting a little dull in this. I know how the Shy Guys are supposed to sound all disguised and stuff, but I doubt it would hurt to put some emotion into their voices. It isn't only the Shy Guys, Jeff also has a small problem in his part. When he gets tired of Steve's constant rambling, it's hard to hear the anger in his voice. There should be some anger in his voice since it would boost the feel we get from the character. Also, some of the animation seems a little slow and cliche, such as when the hammer happy son of a bitch was about to pummel the Karate Duo and Jeff's asses with a hammer boost. He moved rather a little too slowly before he got his ass blown up. It could be because his stamina was almost depleted from throwing a bunch of hammers at everything and the final hammer throw was bigger than himself, but it still seemed too expected when he threw the hammer. These are just small complaints, so it's not that big of a deal.


The only advice I can offer is some more special effects. There should be some flashes and such when people are getting hit. There should be blurs when someone is punching somebody else. I'm not expecting outstanding graphical effects, but even the smallest would be cool. Also, as mentioned before, some more clear voice acting would be a help.


Graphics: 4/5
These were some pretty clean sprite animations you two have made here. I can notice some different color variations that seem out of place sometimes, such as Hal's head becoming completely piss yellow instead of a detailed shiny piss yellow. I know it's because of different animation variations from the sprite sheet, but it shouldn't be that big of a problem to fix. Nevertheless, I liked the way the sprites moved and how they were executed. Well done.

Sound: 3/5
Again, some voice acting needs to be changed. Also, some of the music is a little too quiet, such as the hammer guy pursuit music. I know we need to hear what they have to say, but we want to hear the music too.

Humor: 5/5
Instant classical humor right here. And yes, I do remember fondly about the whole raccoon equals leaf discussion they've had. Well done.

Watchable: 4/5
I found this to be watchable through the entire thing, maybe except the Karate Duo owning the baddies scene. The background there seemed a bit eye straining. Still, well done.

Originality: 5/5
Somehow, all the Mario parodies seem to be the most original. This time, it's from a baddie's perspective. Well done.

Moral: 5/5
We can see what hell Hal and Jeff have gone through. And they've made one thing perfectly clear: working for Bowser sucks balls, Mario's impossible to kill, and Steve is annoying as hell. Never thought I'd see that as the main message through the entire series. Good show.

Overall and conclusion: 4/5. A good series, hope to hear from you two soon!

Easter eggs: It's there in the bonus.

So beautiful^^
this is one of the best mario movies ever
guys respect