Reviews for "Bowser's Kingdom: Movie"

A great story

Wow I really dig the story here the sprite element is really good though you have some nice ideas the sound quality is really nice too no change needed here, the graphics being some high end sprite and pixel is very nice work indeed, you have some really good action in these movies, I also love the humor that you ad in these films very funny at times you have an adventure here and its a great entertaining film you have here.

no change needed here


hgiiii guuuuuis!!


The most memorable part was the ending. I wish that series would continue. You certainly picked an epic way to end this great series. While I may not have been the biggest fan, it's still great. The sprite work is as awesome as ever. We get to see all the characters in this.

It's interesting how realistic this is. Well, as realistic as Bowser's henchman could be. I mean, the characters talk in such a real manner. Steve was pretty annoying in the series as a whole. The transition effects are nice too.


What is the hammer boost sprite?