Reviews for "ParodyRangersTheMovie 1-3"


You guys are awesome, I hope you post soon. And I wish you all the Luck Charlie the leprechaun can give you, seriously he still owes me a couple more wish's.

P.s I apologize for that tentacle monster in japan the rangers fought before and you may not want to hear this but he was part of a set of 30...so yeah.
Anyway Good luck should be coming your way soon, and you guys rock.

Good movie

What your probably gonna do is put all three parts of part 1 together. By the way Good movie!

oh a masturbation joke? how old are you- like 20?

just kidding. that was hilarious. and i just watched the power rangers movie the other day so that mad me laugh. keep up the good work!


...what just happend? o_o

I couldn't stop laughing for a bit...

I watched all of the Parody Rangers in succession, and I've got to ask...Is this it? By the way how this ended, it looked as if it this is already done and over with.

And BTW, I've got to ask: Is the character William based off the either Kurtis from the 'Disgaea' series or that android character (I can't remember the name for some reason) from the '007'?