Reviews for "ParodyRangersTheMovie 1-3"

Loved it.

Great job,glad to see a good bit of action in the episode and even more funny in it i loved the red ranger in this one,if there is any timetable that part two could you let me/us know possibly,if so thanks if not that's cool i will watch whenever it comes out.

Sweet but...

WHAT DID THE NINJA SAY?!??! there was a caption on top but it went to fast to read it

Truly Awesome!

Cant wait for the next part! but one question... why does the black guy have maces on chains for arms?


*spalt sound*

"exactly how the real movie was".


i love the mental breakdown meat has at the end hahahahaha o yeah why dose the black ranger have fails for arms i don't think that ever got answered awww who gives great vid