Reviews for "ParodyRangersTheMovie 1-3"

Great again.

Funny, well animated, good sense of humour and funny characters in this one just like the previous ones. Splooge and red power ranger definitely are the funniest characters, so itd be nice to continue seeing them in future submissions. Im sure the next parts will be as good if not better, so just keep it up!


This was great. Splooge's performance certainly stood out as the best to me. Can't wait til you parody the ninja part next heh.

I wouldn't have used that particular filter on Zordon's voice though. The volume sweeps in and out making it hard to understand what's said sometimes.

And are you in love with Tony Oliver or something?

lol all the way through

the red ranger is a nutcase lmao....this is just too damn funny

lol omg

futurama reference!! and u put it in for NO RAISIN!!


that was pretty funny..but...i miss the green ranger!!!! T.T