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Reviews for "Dual Mouse: Eyecandy"


I thought the graphics were MUCH better than the graphics in the first version. I suggest easing the movement of the blocks so they don't just float so "boringly" in one speed. Get some effects like shaking screens! YESSS.


didn't really like it :S
made my my eyes go ...


I did the art for this game!
Was lots of fun! so is this game!

Fun and addictive.

Great game. Very addicting. I suggest having a music playlist rather than just one song. Maybe different mouses to choose from and possible even have a shooting option with a few enemies tossed in there. Keep up the good work.


Very fun and interesting game. A good twist on the piles and piles of 'mouse avoider' type games out there.

But like someone already pointed out, the hit testing is really bad. I had my cursors getting hit when I was very clearly not hitting anything. In a game like this, hittesting is the primary function, so you MUST spend more time getting it right.