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Reviews for "Daily Mouse Maze 10/15/08"

pretty good

gave it a low score for having no music, not very colorful, and you can click ad hold to win. nice try though

Holonboy responds:

....How was I suppose to know you wanted that!


This series is starting to get more maze like. Where previously there was no confusion about the path, here the player may find themselves actually having to double back.

There's still something missing from this game. A lot of it doesn't feel complete. Perhaps its just the black and white maze, or even the expectations given to the player from the pre-loader.

The "Daily Mouse Maze" is coming long and I want to see more from it. I think refining your pre-loader would be the simplest place to start. Give it some structure, for me there isn't any focus and it looks quite bad and did give me some prejudgements on it before I played. Things like title screens can go along way, they let you tell the player about the project (being a daily thing there might be something interesting to say), can give a quick instructional and its reusable to other daily mazes. Also looks better. The map itself was good, as far as a map can go, it wasn't as straight forward as the previous one but it wasn't that difficult either. A possible way to make it look better as a whole would be themed mazes. Maybe an English hedge maze where your cursor is a little man from top-down view, or a space them where the maze is an asteroid field and your cursor a star ship. I'd suggest looking into custom cursors as a side note.

All in all, a welcomed instalment with improvements made and I look forward to seeing how far you take this concept.

Holonboy responds:

Thanks, a lot!

uhhhh well we we say harder we mean:

in a mouse mage you can put little crosses o plus sign looking things spinning in as a video, this way we have t6o go in the direction of it, then you can also make there be walls that close and open and you have to quickly go through, theres alot of creative ideas you can do with these but this one is like a normal maze and not like a crazy entertaining one!

PS. ive never seen your games efore so if you have done the sugestions before then I apologize....i guess

yes i am happy

yes man i am happy im proud of you =) this maze was kick @$$!!! alot more fun and entertaining! cant wait for more mazes


I didn't quite undertand. I thought that you controlled the green thing with your mouse. No. Then with the arrow keys. No. Perhaps with WSAD? No. The lines are clickable, but do nothing, and whenever you scroll over the green circle, a red one appears in the moving square, apparently, you're suppose to click THAT in a few seconds? Then, after 7 awkward, disappointed, and very confusing tries, I mange it. It says that I've apparently "won" the game... Nothing happens, the red circle/stop sign/lolly pop thing doesn't do anything.

I don't mean to be harsh, but look on the NG forums, google, or some other source of tutorials to better improve it. Actually, on my "computer game game" submission, I have a list of tutorials for you that should help out.

Not try to be a dick or a bully or anything, just constructive critisism. Hope to see from you again.