Reviews for "The Chicken And The Road"


Absolutely no cut-off scenes or anything of the likes. Very smooth animation. I love your work! This is absolutely FANTASTIC! Great job, Sh0T!


So... at the end of the story, he didn't?


cool that is cool i know i only suppose to give you a 10/10 but i want give you a 900000000000000000000000/900000000000 00000000000000000


BOOM,Bang,BAM,bloosh....Mind Blowing!:D

Really Good

I was hoping it would be like this,i like animations with clever attemps. And i also like the looney tunes cliff fall :) That hat looks so cool at the start and the only thing i could say that could be improved would be the fire effect, not saying i could do anything nearly as good as this, that was all i noticed though. Also those different camera agles worked so well, i'd never try something like that as i'd spends hours on it and it just wouldn't look quite how i would want it to. Thanks for the submit, please continue making them ;)