Reviews for "StagBeetle 08"

good shit

best one was W-P-S!

Yeah well.

What annoys me is that some of you are really good artists and decent animators, especially Sinitron. You guys put that talent to bad use, I really hope you all have mains.

Anyway, it's not about that, happy Stagbeetle day to all!

happy belated stagbeetle day

that was pretty awesome.
i especially love collabs where
3/4 of the group put an animated
thing to music. and the music is the best part.

but srsly, good job.
no, really, good job.
all of you. good job...

woot! happy birthday!
i mean happy stag party- happy stagbeetle-08!!

this is ok...

my favorite one is anigen cause it was animated sillyness that i really enjoyed some were creepy (wps namely) and others even though the first won was great in all they had no point.

Sinitron responds:

don't call me 'gringo' you fucking beaner, stay on your side of the god-damned river

That was very odd

Well this was disturbing and creepy.
But not very entertaining.
Although most of the movies had good animation none had any stories.
Plus they were pretty weird.
So I didn't sense a lot of effort into this.
Try harder.

Sinitron responds:

i hate ya, ya bloody fockin wanka.........