Reviews for "StagBeetle 08"


i liked all of the parts, you guys did a great job

im just sad that i didnt get to make something for this day :(((((

Very nice

I had no idea that Sinister was such a good artist! All the parts were entertaining, and WPS's was, as usual, a bit disgusting. BTW nice use of Muse Anigen, unless I'm horribly wrong on that.

I liked it.

Could you tell me what the song was used in SNTR1? If you did it would make you guys uber awesome. Thanks. K.

Sinitron responds:

"Hot One" by OFTB.

good shit

best one was W-P-S!


What is the name of the song for the SNTR1 part?

Sinitron responds:

I think it's OFTB - Hot One.

Might be wrong though.