Reviews for "StagBeetle 08"

good shit

best one was W-P-S!

happy belated stagbeetle day

that was pretty awesome.
i especially love collabs where
3/4 of the group put an animated
thing to music. and the music is the best part.

but srsly, good job.
no, really, good job.
all of you. good job...

woot! happy birthday!
i mean happy stag party- happy stagbeetle-08!!

I liked it.

Could you tell me what the song was used in SNTR1? If you did it would make you guys uber awesome. Thanks. K.

Sinitron responds:

"Hot One" by OFTB.

Very nice

I had no idea that Sinister was such a good artist! All the parts were entertaining, and WPS's was, as usual, a bit disgusting. BTW nice use of Muse Anigen, unless I'm horribly wrong on that.


I can't stop spankin' dat azzz

Sinitron responds:

jesus your userpic looks like crap learn how to do decent gifs faggot