Reviews for "Split 'em Up"

That was cool

Thats a really cool idea for a game. Good Stuff


one of the best games here! :D

warm-chang responds:

Blimey! Thanks a lot- glad you liked it. 10-Nice.


great game..like an old arcade style game, but better cause you have more control etc..yeah an upgrade system would be good, and perhaps a way to fix your pipe?..and maybe a less annoying spiderboss(lol)

great game 10/10

warm-chang responds:

Cheers for constructive comments. Maybe you could trade in some power off your bar to fix the pipe? hmmm...


Great game, its like sapce invaders, but with an upgrade! The going up the walls setting is sweet. Keep up the good work!


Great game! Quite easy to do a double hit, though, but I had a lot of fun playing to it