Reviews for "Split 'em Up"

That was cool

Thats a really cool idea for a game. Good Stuff


one of the best games here! :D

warm-chang responds:

Blimey! Thanks a lot- glad you liked it. 10-Nice.


great game..like an old arcade style game, but better cause you have more control etc..yeah an upgrade system would be good, and perhaps a way to fix your pipe?..and maybe a less annoying spiderboss(lol)

great game 10/10

warm-chang responds:

Cheers for constructive comments. Maybe you could trade in some power off your bar to fix the pipe? hmmm...

Personally, I didn't like the game...

But I found it very well made, and I can understand why people would really like a game like this. It's definitely one of the better arcade shooters out there, I just don't like arcade shooters.

warm-chang responds:

well thanks for playing!


Great game, its like sapce invaders, but with an upgrade! The going up the walls setting is sweet. Keep up the good work!