Reviews for "Split 'em Up"

An alright game.

It's an improvement on the old invaders game. It's quite good. ^^

But yeah as others have said it need an upgrade system.

I couldn't kill the first boss cause it broke the pipe and left me stuck ina corner. D:


Basic shoot-em-up. Nothing too fun or interesting about it. The graphics are neat, I guess.

warm-chang responds:

Yeah, thanks chuckles.

how about...

an upgrad system! game was pretty innovativ ^^
though i used to put both guns on each other to have a single but stronger beam ^^
cool game! i hope for improvements :)

warm-chang responds:

You won't get far keeping your guns together- you've gotta split 'em up if you want to take out the bosses.....
Glad you liked it- thanks for the 9!


it is good but sometimes the dividing of teh guns annoy..... cuz after u focus only on one gun and other side is just leaking.... and then you focus on the other gun.... etc....

game is apsofuckinglutely cool but this is annoying and takes one point

(but vote is still 5)


When I was fightning the boss, he broke the walls and I couldn't move.

warm-chang responds:

Yeah, it's a bitch when the walls are broken- the holes are made by the ships with lasers. Take 'em out as quick as you can....
Thanks for the 8!