Reviews for "Split 'em Up"


i usually hate this tipe of shooter games, but i really liked this one, nice work.

warm-chang responds:

Thanks for even bothering to play a game you wouldn't normally like!


I must say i am sick of arcade shooters by now, but i still wish we had this game in the old days. Great game.

warm-chang responds:

Glad you like the 80's style. Cheers for the review.


one of the best games here! :D

warm-chang responds:

Blimey! Thanks a lot- glad you liked it. 10-Nice.


you too a boring border shooter and went a differnt direction NICE

warm-chang responds:


I was doing fine till level 20 i think it was wher

level 20 i think it was where you fight that spider boss again. I was unable to kill it like befor... then he just went after my turrets and messed them up. Good game its like space invaders but with a kick.

warm-chang responds:

Thanks tak87,
Second round with the crab thing is a bitch.
Gotta take care of the mining lasers first, or kill it really quickly.

Thanks for the 9!