Reviews for "Split 'em Up"

very original

Very original game I liked it. I'm not very good at chewing and walking at the same time so this game is frustrating for me. But thats just me, the game is good. A couple of quirks. The powerup fills up very slowly. I reached level 10 and still didnt get to half of the bar. I also found that the ships move rather slow, this makes placing them into strategic position a chore, and by the time they are placed, its no longer a strategic position. Maybe if they acelerated to a faster top speed. It be nice to see HP bars on the enemies.

It took me by surprise when i could ride up the walls. Fun game. The way i managed my dixlexia was to place one ship exacty on top of the other. That way i just focus on one ship, and can take advantage of double shots.

warm-chang responds:

Cheers. Nice constructive review. Having the guns opposite on either wall is the best tactic, I like 'em on the side walls myself....

Amazing game :3

The only thing it's missing is UPGRADES! What would be better than changing what weapons are fired from the two guns? Maybe even adding a third gun as a power up ;D.

warm-chang responds:

Gun upgrades...hmm...

3 guns wouldn't work 'cos the one in the middle wouldn't move....
4 would be ok though...


Good game!

warm-chang responds:

Thanks for the big 10, glad you liked it.


great game..like an old arcade style game, but better cause you have more control etc..yeah an upgrade system would be good, and perhaps a way to fix your pipe?..and maybe a less annoying spiderboss(lol)

great game 10/10

warm-chang responds:

Cheers for constructive comments. Maybe you could trade in some power off your bar to fix the pipe? hmmm...

done to many times before

sorry but to many people do this it isnt original at all anymore try coming up with some new stuff

warm-chang responds:

? Are you reviewing the right game?!