Reviews for "Split 'em Up"


Great game, its like sapce invaders, but with an upgrade! The going up the walls setting is sweet. Keep up the good work!

it was really good

it reminded me about space invader and then i saw u could go on the sides. then the 2 ship thing it all was good so that y u get a 10/10

and ive never seen another game like tis so who says the have is probaly lying

HOW DO YOU VIDS/GAMES saved into computer?

how the frik can you get games/vids to upload on ng? someone plz pm me if you got answer

It wasnt good to me

Well.First of all there is graphics and then the sound.Then the playability.
Graphics: 7/10 (always the same)
Sound: 3/10 ( a little boring and stupid)
Playability: 5/10 (no upgrades,no originality...)
This kind of games are not original.There are millions of versions of this kind of a game.But still pretty good.3/5 and 6/10.

Personally, I didn't like the game...

But I found it very well made, and I can understand why people would really like a game like this. It's definitely one of the better arcade shooters out there, I just don't like arcade shooters.

warm-chang responds:

well thanks for playing!