Reviews for "Split 'em Up"

gratz on 5th place!!

great game overall but when those lazer robot thingies start lazering the pipes it really sucks cuz then im like stuck in a corner and i have no where to move and i cant shoot him.

anyway up to that part it was an awesome game, good job! :)


this is really fun and you durgan ...i lets see you try making a better game than this huuu wats that oh you cant i thought so

tres bien

very good, addictive and easily playable, however you only get a nine cause it#'s highly repetitive and the music drove me to insanity. other than that, good game

Too simple.

This game is pretty average. The splitting is an interesting idea, but the game's repetition and boring enemies outweighs any originality. It moves too slow, the sound is annoying, and all together it's pretty mediocre. Anyways, just try to put a little more speed and fluid motion in the controls, and more variety in your enemy and level design.

-Durgan Smalls

I like this game but it is too easy..

Also, I got a power bar that fills up but it doesn't seem to do anything noticeable..

It does more damage right?

I gues it needs to have some visual change.