Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"

heii dude !

that was pretty damn good !! keep up DA good work !!

yeah !! :D

wow, it actually got even better!

i always give critical acclaim to each episode but this time it truly earns my compliments! for once there wasn't an excessive amount of terrible one liners and the english dubs were actually decent! but from now on im gna go to ur website to watch the korean episodes. i like how u offer both dubs, the voice actors must be doing a lot of work!


amazing, but some parts feel a little, jerky on character movement, other than that you did great, the part with the bee robot was a great bit of humour, keep it up

Just awesome

I love this! really -thanks for sharing!

I like this ep

The visuals are very good and the voice acting is very decent.
I can tell there is difficulty in adding more frames(smoother animation) due to the file size on this project.