Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"

Truely a fantastic submission.

The use of the 3D models in this flash was a very interesting way to go in terms of presenting your story.

Although the animation was not super fluid, it's to be expected as it takes longer to draw. The style of drawing reminds me of Zelda the Windwaker at some points. I personally found it to be a very creative form of animation.

The sound was very well done, I am really glad to finally see a submission with some effort in terms of sound, as the last I reviewed was Power Star 4.

The story was solid, the flash looked and felt great. And I enjoyed the show.

Excellent job.

The voice acting is great

I don't see what the big problem is about the English voice actors.

In fact, the only problem with the voice acting in this episode was that the voices were kinda off-sync towards the end. Other than that, this was a brilliant addition to the series.


great animation man. MINT!!! the voice acting was great... i just didn't like the funny part... not so good acting there... but overall is great


everything seemed great with beautiful animation that ran very smoothly but the one thing bothering me was the voice acting...the robots all sounded like little kids which doesn't fit right except for the little bee thing. but otherwise you did a great job

keeps getting deeper...

No action. Now that the ONLY down side was mentioned, this is a solid series it has humor, animation is just simply flawless, and the story line it's impecable so far. Keeps getting interesting and getting an episode a week it's one of the best delivery times I've seen on newgrounds major kudos!!

Now some people should know when to make a review if it's not your kind of animation why make a bad review or useless for that matter. It''s better if you just keep quiet and watch something else.

We do reviews in the likes and dislikes of an animation not because the genre does not suit you, you should nag on it.

Sangmin Bang freaking awesome!!