Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"

Wow love it

This was pretty amazing with some intense graphics aswell as detail, could have used lots more action and i am a fan already i will have to checkout your other flashes here sometime soon

My advice for this particular one would be to have much more action more stuff going on then what was in this one



Perhaps I'm the only one who noticed.. But all the trucks hauling the "Gruesome" Robots have the same unit number... Eye for detail guys.

Great series so far though.

not to much action in this epsoid

is it just me or some of the voice change and in my opinion the police bits are under powered since they always died right after the battle begins

love this

gunchest rules

So far...

I have been watching through the series more quickly this time and I have a suggestion. The animation is good and really doesn't matter, but what peaked my interest is the voice acting. Im seeing some misemotion when the lines are spoken/shouted. It just seems like there isn't enough emotion or the actor doesn't really know what to feel. Any worse and every line would be a question. Might work on that =D