Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"


Its good.It really is.I mean, the first time I watched this, it looked
like power rangers to me, but come on, This is a very good 3D .
Very good. I didn't actually watch many movies with voice acting ,
but I can still say the voice is medium quality.And for the power
rangers, I don't like them, but their owners make serious money
with them! And it would be great if this thing happend to be in TV

seems weird

like someone already said looks like a kids show like power rangers not for me.

Kid's Show... Maybe...

I think this'd prolly go pretty well for something kinda like Power Rangers or something, y'know, for kids?


The drawings are decent, but everything else is bunk. The animation is clunky, the voice-acting is terrible, the story is bland, the setting is boring, and the voice acting/dialogue is hilariously bad.


Much to discuss....

Now like the other three episodes the animation, backround (like the sky & stuff) & 3D modeling were above par, so those were good. Back round music wasn't really noticed until just now while I write this, but it was original & I have nothing negative to say about it, so it was also good. But this is the downfall of the series man, both the voice acting & script were definitly not up to Newgrounds standards! It was so cheesy & has an uncomfortably cartoony, child-like feel to it. So- too much gay & not enough serious action! That would make it! If you made it darker with a more mature theme to it! Do that, & your brain child will be complete & not only will the rest of this online community rave about it, I'll would rank it up at ten stars as well!