Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"

odd voice work at time

AMAZING quality of animation, but at least the dialogue is... strange sometimes. like with the bee duplicating itself. But still incredibly absolutely damn impressive and you deserve a 7 out of 5

Setting up?

I'm assuming these episodes are suppose to be the setup/filler episodes. Scientists in ep1 still havn't been mentioned at all and I'm wondering what happened to the movie-style gunfight with the boomerange guy? A later episode, I guess. Still assuming these are just filler episodes.
The voice acting choice was a great option and so now everyone can shut up about voice acting.
Also I was kinda expecting something a bit more specatular than just little barrel nips with big bullets on the guy's chest. Example Optimus Prime and the Matrix of Leadership or even Guyver.


You got great talent there, what programe did you use? If it was straight out flash im amazed, this is TV series quality! Nice Work!!


great animation man. MINT!!! the voice acting was great... i just didn't like the funny part... not so good acting there... but overall is great


It is easy to tell that you put some serious work into this series, and as impressed as I am by it, I don't like it very much. Its entertaining, but I dunno man. Good work though I suppose.