Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"

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I've been a huge fan of gunchest and i have to say BEST EPISODE TO DATE


so the animation is very good. Like some said..the voice acting should be more...adult. Uhh the story seems kind of interesting but also kinda leaves u wondering when its going to get actually suspenseful or exciting..but who knows maybe ur working up to some big climaxes...anyways keep it up and try ur best to make it cooler:)


everything seemed great with beautiful animation that ran very smoothly but the one thing bothering me was the voice acting...the robots all sounded like little kids which doesn't fit right except for the little bee thing. but otherwise you did a great job

Not bad but needs some work certainly.

You could haver explained a bit more of the story here and I defined think this episode was the shortest which the ratings goes down a bit, I;m sorry to to disappoint you but it was not that interesting. It seems that you are running out of ideas and I hope you a drawn a storyboard first before animating as it would be a great advantage to this series. I hope you improve the smoothness of the animation. They move quite choppily and have some unrealistic graphics. More textures and rendering would be nice, Take your time as I can see your releasing them in a short period of time. Put more effort in to your work and you will definetly see improvement.


1: Just 'cause it's "3D" (although i wouldn't call it 3D) doesn't make it better.
2: The animation appeared choppy, but that could've been my crappy computer as well.
3: the name Gunchest, it appears to me you have placed a guy in a suit and replaced his nipples with guns and now you call him Gunchest? come on, you could've done better. 5/10 for a fair attempt.