Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"

so much better

so much better is korean than in english

I like this ep

The visuals are very good and the voice acting is very decent.
I can tell there is difficulty in adding more frames(smoother animation) due to the file size on this project.

The Newgrounds Touch

One thing I learned on watching movies develop on newgrounds. Is something called the "newgrounds touch" where the series continue to get better over time but unfortunately this seems like its being shipped out of a simple production plan with no redefining moments. Here is a list of things you could improve.

1. 3d models- As a 3d modeler myself I can tell you it never hurts to add more detail to your character and overall design.

2. smoother animations- You can easily afford the extra hours rendering for a better frame rate.

3. Better Storyline- The story line started out interesting but your trying to go everywhere with it at once stay on one subject before moving on.

4. Better voice acting- The script and voice acting is really dull. Which I'm guessing is because you directly translated the Korean to English which never works out. Try finding someone who knows both languages really well to rewrite the dialog.


i will say that the previous two disappointed me greatly. It was (as alot of other people are saying) mostly the voice acting.

this episode seemed like alot more time was put into it, and it looked like you at least tried on the humor this time around. which made me think of how the progression will be further down the line. As always, i am intrigued to see where this series will go. Keep up the good work.

AN A for for effort, an F for story line.

Reason I say this is because.

1. I was dissapointed as to how the 3d thing looked, but it could be my computer slowing who the fuck knows, you might as well have some kinda futuristic fucking computer that helped you make all that shit.

2. The voice acting sucked, i'd of rather watched it in korean.

3. The guns on a persons chest thing is above outragous. If I had guns on my chest, i'd have to wear a goddam bra too. Everytime I need to go under cover for prostitution stings, i'll just aim my knockers of death at the guy( girl )

And 4. Icouldn't stand watching it, I didn't even watch the first few seconds of it, just because of how regtarded it seemed.