Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"

keeps getting deeper...

No action. Now that the ONLY down side was mentioned, this is a solid series it has humor, animation is just simply flawless, and the story line it's impecable so far. Keeps getting interesting and getting an episode a week it's one of the best delivery times I've seen on newgrounds major kudos!!

Now some people should know when to make a review if it's not your kind of animation why make a bad review or useless for that matter. It''s better if you just keep quiet and watch something else.

We do reviews in the likes and dislikes of an animation not because the genre does not suit you, you should nag on it.

Sangmin Bang freaking awesome!!

I didnt like it that much

this was well drawn but its not my kind of thing

Wow!!!!!!! just awesome

I just cant believe how can you have 2 kinds of voices and subtitles with making the filesize regular I mean voices are also sound clips I am just amazed

I really liked the new preloader than the older ones and your mini screent shot above it looks cool

The animation is still at its best and the voices are better now I like the korean voices they match the lip sync even thought I cant understand them

I like that you added a bit childish humor and for all your gunchest vids I think it is not for all audiences there just some mid violence

I hope for moar!

nice work

seems to me that of a rockman type of suit doesn't it? but still pretty nice job!


Was this supposed to be Robo-cop?