Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"


as i said earlier, super powers :3

You're living my dream~!

The animation was perfect. The story was interesting. I can see the homage to megaman, while still being original. I caught this on a whim on the front page and I'm very glad I did.

You're awesome and I can't wait for more.

*~t3h C.

heii dude !

that was pretty damn good !! keep up DA good work !!

yeah !! :D


Love your series!

Very very good.

Everything about the flash is really great. You obviously have seen a lot of anime. At no point I thought I was watching a flash either. Very good work!

I'm serious, I am a pretty harsh critic here on newgrounds.

The only things that stop this from becoming a 10 are the voice acting, (the guy yelling wasn't yelling), and the fact that nothing really happened in it. That is only a downfall is because it's so short for such a good animation. I'd say instead of making them 5 min, combine two or three into one, and people won't even know it's a flash.