Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"


A new boddy for gunchest... wonder if it will have more special functions...

Curiosity kills the cat, but...

Why do I get the feeling that Joint is directly related to GC45?

Anyways, very good job

good job

this is the best way
choose your language

*sniff* i like this series soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lolz!!! rocks as usual

Great episode again!

Being able to choose the language is a great solution!
Good episode again, the quarrel between the Bee-robot and the tough looking robot was on the line of being too childish. But since the robot-guy is so macho-looking, I still found it funny. (Reminds me of Batou's quarrels with the Futchikomas...)
More action in the second part, so the episode has balance...
Everything's good like always, but I have a single complaint...
You used Helix6's song "Fear", and probably some others, without crediting. So you could include a credits section IMO... Otherwise, no complaints, the music choices are good.
Also, the longer story explanation is good and sheds some light on the world situation in your flash. I recommend reading it NGers!