Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"

personally i think this sucked

u were trying to hard to make it 3D... and it was jerky...... u have bad lip syncing too, also some parts were drawn while other's weren't and i found the plot really dry......... sure this is just one opinion over thousands probly but u should pay attention to the bad comments not the good ones... i know something also.... u'll nvr read this....

go ahead and delete this... i know u will

ok ok . . .

I excused your less than normal dialog last time I rated your movie but this time it was irritating. But I'm only taking off one point couse the animation was still awesome I mean practically 3D!


i only found 7 episodes of GunChest, where are the others?


Very well done, just like the rest of the chapters

nice %u2665

ive been watching this series and im loving it! keep up the good work. the only thing i see is the voice acting could be better, like put some energy/emotion/etc into it!