Reviews for "GunChest Episode 04_01"

nice animation

This reminds me of megaman. Very nicely done 3D animation involved in this flash. It's very professional looking. Great use of background music and voice acting.


Well... the voices are a lot better this time, but I still prefer the Korean voices. Still, the character animation needs more frames. It's a bit choppy, but it's tolerable. Good job. Keep it up.


amazing, but some parts feel a little, jerky on character movement, other than that you did great, the part with the bee robot was a great bit of humour, keep it up


Not really my cup of tea. However, chick in the clouds was hot. Points for that.


i didnt even wtch the whole thing. Dont get me wrong, u probably know how to animate better than I do, but I hate anime! The little flying robot bug was over the top for me to care what happens in this piece, Sorry bro. Maybe I should watch this again when im not so waisted, maybe I mite c something more to it, but i doubt it.